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Home-style Meals

Ready to Heat - N - Eat (or just eat!) Store Pick-up or delivered to your door county wide!

How it works:

1. 24-48 hour turnaround time for custom orders & meal packs. Many items available on hand for quick turnaround. 

*NOTE (Orders fulfilled after this time will be subject to availability or otherwise ready within 48 hrs. Orders made on Monday may be available same day. Orders made Tuesday or Wednesday will be available on Thursday.)

2. We will send Confirmation Email and Text (if possible) to confirm your order and delivery day/time/place

3. Enjoy!

**Limited menu available on DoorDash**


Toni Lewis

Day 2 of happy lunches! Yesterday's meatloaf was so yummy and am having the best chicken noodle soup right now! I'm a fan!!! Thank you!


Kaathlyn Connor

I ordered 10 different meals for my work breakfasts and lunches. My daughter enjoyed my food so much that she’s wanting to try a few that she missed out on. I might have to start ordering her lunches this way


Tamara Joslin

I got several meal options and haven't found one I do not like. All delicious, filling, and full of vegetables. I am so happy to have found this